What to Look for In an Offshore Manufacturing Service

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Have you been considering moving manufacturing offshore?  If so, you would be in great company as many Fortune 500 companies have made the shift, some of them have been manufacturing overseas for 20 to 30 years!  If you have been hesitant to move your manufacturing offshore because it seems overwhelming, you aren’t alone.  An offshore manufacturing service can help you streamline the process, making it feel more manageable so you can focus on what is important: running your business.

offshore manufacturing


There are many offshore manufacturing services (OMS) available to you, but you want the right one.  It’s important to choose an OMS that is experienced.  Business longevity speaks to the quality of the work that is being done by a company.  How long a company has been in business is relevant to whether they have the experience necessary to help you succeed.

Next, they need to be experienced in the type of product you are looking to have manufactured.  For instance, an offshore manufacturing service that only has experience with electronics wouldn’t be suitable if your item is wood metal.


If you will be manufacturing offshore, you may not want or be able to travel abroad to visit factories yourself.  Those offshore manufacturing services that have staff on the ground in other countries will be invaluable to you.  For instance, if you want to manufacture in China, knowing the OMS has a China staff can provide you with a lot of reassurance. This is because that staff has built relationships with the factory owners and managers, they understand the culture and can speak the language. This staff can also be on-site while production is ongoing to ensure quality and integrity are always maintained.


With experience and proper staffing usually comes communication, but this is an important aspect of being successful with offshore manufacturing.  Be sure that the OMS you choose has clear lines of communication and is always open to your questions and concerns.  You need an OMS that wants to be your partner, and communication is an important part of any partnership.

ITI Manufacturing Wants to be Your Offshore Manufacturing Service Provider

Ready to start manufacturing offshore?  ITI Manufacturing has been offering offshore manufacturing services since 1974.  In that time, we have created a process to make it simple for companies to focus on running their business because we are handling all of the manufacturing details.  We have staff on the ground in China, ready to help select and oversee your product being manufactured. We have US staff who will be available to you at all times.  Want to learn more?  We would love to talk with you about your plans, your needs, and your products.  Schedule a free no-obligation consultation with us today to discuss offshore manufacturing services and how they can benefit you.