Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Toy Products

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Today, companies have more options than ever before as to where to have their toys manufactured. However, outsourcing your toy products overseas is still the most viable option, and for good reason. Asia produces many of the world’s toys available today. And despite the recent tariffs, US manufacturers still choose to outsource. Besides, with the famous toy retailer, Toys R Us, reopening across the U.S., this is great news for everyone in 2019!  So, before you decide where to have your toys manufactured, check out the top benefits of outsourcing to reputable Asian factories.

Obtain a Cost-Effective Manufacturing Solution

Asian manufacturers continue to offer a cost-effective manufacturing solution for US companies. They have access to the materials needed for toys as well as an abundant workforce. This ultimately helps to lower company costs like shipping. If they can provide better cost-effectiveness for your product manufacturing without sacrificing quality, it’s a beneficial option.

Choose the Best Outsourcing Options

Working with a manufacturing liaison like ITI Manufacturing makes working with Asian manufacturers easy. ITI provides the knowledge and expertise that allows your company to choose the perfect offshore facility to work with. This means you get to work with the right high-quality factory as well as receive our “no manufacturing defects” guarantee.

Because we have professionals on factory grounds to monitor the progress of your project, your company can remain confident about success. We ensure that your outsourced products are designed and made correctly and delivered on time. In addition, this provides peace of mind while also removing the hassle of having to monitor the factory on your own.

Toy Products Are Made to Specifications

When you work with an Asian manufacturer through a partnership liaison, you can rest assured that the factory will make your toy products correctly. Furthermore, at ITI Manufacturing, we will ensure and confirm that they’re making your products to exact specifications. We ensure this by working directly with the factory on your behalf and keeping you up to date on the manufacturing process. Likewise, we make certain the outsourcing manufacturers we choose will use only the specified product materials you have chosen.  Our experienced factory inspectors test the toy products before packaging to confirm the exact specifications.

Outsourcing in Mass Production is Available

Many Asian manufacturers have an abundance of product materials and a large and experienced workforce. Therefore, they’re able to make toy products quickly and in large quantities. As companies prove the viability and popular nature of their products and demand increases, Made in China provides a viable option for mass production. On-time delivery and a quality guarantee is standard no matter the volume.

Start Benefiting with ITI Manufacturing

These are just some of the benefits of outsourcing your manufacturing with ITI.  Whether your company has one design or many, you should seriously consider partnering with ITI Manufacturing. Our 45 years of experience in working with many different Asian manufacturers provides the opportunity to help almost any company reach success. So, whether you have toy products or other items that need outsourcing, we’re here to help.

Put our experience to work for you today! Call and speak with one of our outsourcing experts at 888-574-6823 to get started.