State of Chinese Economy and Manufacturing

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China maintains a global reputation for being a well-managed country whose economy is strong. Their manufacturing sector stands out particularly, as much of the world relies on Chinese manufacturing to provide a wealth of affordable goods. These companies continue to succeed thanks to well-managed factories, impeccably skilled workers, and a disciplined work ethic.

Brewing Information

Recent reports have indicated that there is a current slowdown in the Chinese manufacturing sector, as their PMI fell to 49.6 – indicating a contraction in the economy. Despite the brewing jitters of these findings and the current economic activity of other countries affected by China, there is no apparent need for panic at this time. U.S. manufacturers continue to remain stable and mature. As China’s economy merges into slight imbalance, and as debate looms within the country as to what kinds of corrections are required and how soon these corrections should take place, the rest of the world will have to wait as data regarding the direction the Chinese economy will take gradually becomes available.

Prospects for the Future

Perspectives on the long-term forecast for Chinese manufacturing differ, as there is significant uncertainty and not enough quality information available. In order to provide a realistic forecast, more information is needed regarding what agreements and direction China’s economic decision-makers and governing authorities will make to shift the down-turn back to an up-swing. In the meantime, global economists are remaining confident and diligently watching the numbers. Overall, a consensus remains intact that strong world-wide manufacturers will be able to weather the economic slow-down until the situation stabilizes.

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Manufacturing Overseas can be Simplified and Cost Effective

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Rebecca Wells,

National Accounts Manager

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