Sportfishing Industry & China Manufacturing

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If you’ve ever doubted a viable connection between China manufacturing and the Sportfishing industry, think again. The ICAST Sportfishing Trade Show Conference will be held July 11-14 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. ICAST is the largest trade show in the world of its kind. This annual event brings together the industry’s top names with anglers of all skill levels. ITI Manufacturing is always excited to attend this event, particularly considering the recent growth in this sector and its connection to China manufacturing.

Sport Fishing Reels in Big Numbers

According to the latest reports, nearly 60 million Americans now enjoy angling or sport fishing as a favored pastime. This is an 11-percent increase over the previous few years. Fishing gear, custom products sales, and spending on transportation, lodging, and other elements of the industry soared even higher than participation at an estimated 16 percent. Per the most recent statistics, anglers outnumbered golfers and NFL game attendees, while generating more revenue than Google, Chrysler, and Lockheed Martin.

Casts Heard ‘Round the World

Tackle and boat sales are definitely driving America’s economy to new highs with rods, reels, and safety gear topping anglers’ must-have lists. Tactical sunglasses are also rising through the ranks as a result of the ongoing search for a clearer line of sight. China manufacturing is gaining ground in this industry as companies that currently rely on their sport fishing products made off shore, continue to benefit from the lower costs, fast turnaround timeframes for large production runs, on-time shipments, and reliable product delivery.

Many popular sport fishing industry products already wear the “Made in China” sticker, including a laundry list of lures, life jackets, composite rods, nets, and other necessities. Fishing boats also remain as one of the major products of China manufacturing. Currently, China’s biggest ticket in this sector falls to the electronics category, in the form of sonar equipment and other high-tech products. China is currently making efforts to cater to a broader range of the industry’s needs. Therefore, US sport fishing companies looking to manufacture offshore, should connect with experienced overseas manufacturing liaisons like ITI Manufacturing.

Sport Fishing in China

Chinese and American sport fishermen have more in common than most people realize. Sport fishing unofficially began off the coast of Hong Kong in 1985, when a member of the city’s first sport fishing club caught a 158kg (348 lb.) marlin off the coast of Sai Kung. More recently, Chinese government agencies are not only embracing the manufacture of a wide range of sport fishing gear, they are also in discussions to launch a national sport fishing campaign in China. The following quote from a Hong Kong deep sea fishing charter company will no doubt sound familiar to US fishermen: “With the right place, right time, right tackle, and right technique – anyone can catch a fish.”  Sounds easy enough….

Making an Even Bigger Splash

From all indications, manufacturing in China within the sport fishing industry is expected to continue. However, when a US company is unaware of how to effectively navigate the China manufacturing process, their efforts can fall short of what was envisioned. To make a big splash in this industry, companies need the professional partnership of a company like ITI Manufacturing.  ITI specializes in finding and engaging reliable Chinese manufacturers well-suited and experienced in the manufacture processes needed to effectively and competitively produce sport fishing products at a lower landed cost, while maintaining quality.

Angling has been one of America’s favorite pastimes for decades. It’s fun for everyone, and helps foster our nation’s economy. If sport fishing catches on in the East like it has in America, the benefits to the industry overall are sure to extend well beyond economic growth. Learn more by visiting the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Connect with ITI

Learn more about China manufacturing from an American-based company that has been representing American customers in Asia for over 43 years. Connect with the experts at ITI Manufacturing.

ITI sales expert, Mike Stewart will be attending the ICAST Sportfishing Trade Show on July 11th-14th. Call Mike during the show at (855) 912-7758.

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Manufacturing Overseas can be Simplified and Cost Effective

Simplify it with ITI Manufacturing

Manufacturing Overseas can be Simplified and Cost Effective

Simplify it with ITI Manufacturing

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