Simplifying Your Offshore Manufacturing Experience

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Offshore manufacturing can be complicated and overwhelming even though many business owners understand the benefits.    If you have been unsure about starting the offshore manufacturing process, we have great news:  there are many great resources to help you understand the process, make it less overwhelming, and even manage the process for you.  Utilizing today’s technology, taking advantage of the experience of others, and investing in professional services can position you for success as you move forward with plans to manufacture your goods offshore.

Ask for Advice

First and foremost, if you are interested in overseas manufacturing, you should not hesitate to ask for advice.  If you know others that have gotten involved request to meet with them to discuss their experience.  Ask them how they got started, what pitfalls they ran into, and if they have any suggestions for you as you move forward.

You may be surprised that there are additional sources in addition to those who are navigating the offshore manufacturing waters with you. You can schedule a free consultation with companies who specialize in offshore manufacturing.  A no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a professional who understands the ins and outs of the business will answer your questions and provide you real insights about the process as well as evaluate your readiness for this type of manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing

overseas manufacturing
        Countries Engaging in Offshore Manufacturing

When you talk to professionals and those who have come before you, you may learn about contract manufacturing services.  Contract manufacturing is a viable option for many businesses who want to manufacture in China or other countries but don’t know how to find the right factory.  Offshore manufacturing can be overwhelming for individuals and companies with no experience.  Contract manufacturing speeds the process, reduces the stress, and removes the guesswork.

Contract manufacturing is the process of partnering with a company that has spent years in offshore manufacturing and has built relationships with offshore factories.  The offshore contract manufacturer will meet with you, answer your questions, and discuss your products and your goals.  They will then find the factory that has the experience to work with not only your type of product but the materials and manufacturing processes necessary to ensure repeatable quality.  An additional benefit is these factories have been vetted to be professional, timely, reliable, and have a reputation for respecting your intellectual property and trademarks.  An exceptional offshore manufacturer will also stand behind the factory and offer the no manufacturing defects guarantee.

Offshore Management Services

If you have already moved your manufacturing offshore but things are not going as smoothly as you would like them to, offshore management services (OMS) may be a better fit for you.  With OMS, you can continue to run the day to day operations of your business while the management service takes care of the details of manufacturing offshore.  OMS services offer all of the benefits and services of traditional contract offshore manufacturing services, the difference is those services and expertise is brought to bear on your specific situation.  Your troublesome offshore supply chain will quickly be put right without requiring you or your people to leave your office.

OMS is a great investment for many business owners. It allows you to leave all of the stressful details to professionals who have the experience and expertise to be efficient and cost-effective. Their people are resident in China and are familiar with the language and customs and so innately understand how to avoid issues before they turn into a problem.  OMS is surprisingly affordable and eliminates the worry caused by a troublesome offshore supply chain.

Many businesses know that manufacturing overseas is a proven option that, if done correctly, can increase profits and position their business for greater success.  Yet, there are many details and common pitfalls that make them hesitant to make the move.  Whether you take advantage of contract offshore manufacturing or OMS, you are benefitting from years of experience and expertise that cannot be found anywhere else.  You are then free to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Utilizing Technology

Today’s technology enables us to measure, track, and calculate our options faster and more easily than ever before.

offshore manufacturing
App Usage By Category

One such technology is a cargo load calculator.  Knowing how many shipping cartons will fill a container or how many MORE cartons you may be able to stuff into a container to maximize the yield of that container can be a real profit booster.  Taking advantage of these types of programs allows you to see more options, ask “what if” questions, and increase your profitability.

ITI Can Help You Navigate Offshore Manufacturing

If you are considering offshore manufacturing and are not sure where to start we would be pleased to help you.  Businesses in many industries have relied on ITI Manufacturing since 1974 to help them manufacture offshore efficiently, confidently, and profitably.  Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.  We have full-time, dedicated staff on the ground in major manufacturing hubs around the world. Contact us today and take the worry out of manufacturing offshore no matter what your current situation may be.