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China Manufacturing of Wood Products

Simple and labor-intensive wood products, made via China manufacturing and shipped to the US by ITI, cover a range of markets and customers. Examples include:

  • Wooden sides for children’s wagons

  • Cutting boards

  • Gift crates and boxes

  • CD storage towers

  • Fireplace mantles

  • Photo frames

  • Toddler’s riding toys

  • Waiter’s tray stands

  • Multi-part toy building sets

  • Stair railings

  • Wine racks

  • Firearms display cases

  • Chairs and tables

  • And many more items.

While the native wood species that are available in China are only occasionally similar to related American wood species, the Chinese have access to almost any globally sourced wood species to meet your exacting wood product requirements for China manufacturing. Common solid wood species such as pine and birch are readily available, but imported solid wood species such as bubinga and purple heart, for example, can also be sourced with ease. In addition, a wide variety of plywood and MDF is available in a full range of thicknesses and grades.

Our China manufacturing wood product experience is solid. At ITI Manufacturing, whether it is assembled, carved, cut, painted, stained or treated – we have wood experts to manage and meet your needs.


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Guaranteeing Timely Delivery and Exceptional Quality

ITI Manufacturing sources and delivers custom manufactured and finished wood products of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Our delivered prices regularly save ITI customers 20-30%.

Talk with one of our knowledgeable experts today to learn more about ITI’s exceptional guarantees in China manufacturing and to find out if the outsource manufacturing of your wood product is the smart move for you.

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