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Overseas Manufacturing of Metal Products

From ordinary metals to complex alloys, ITI-managed overseas manufacturing for metal products meets specifications for a considerable range of parts and components, including:

  • Truck tail gate platforms
  • Telephone pole hardware
  • Die-cast sand blaster parts
  • Coin receptors
  • Hinges
  • Lighting housings
  • Air conditioning grills
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Fireplace fireboxes
  • Pipe fittings
  • Oilfield charge casings
  • Cavity pump shafts and stators
  • High-pressure hydraulic flanges
  • Water pump housings
  • Oil filter housings
  • Cable locks
  • Dog kennels
  • Wheelbarrows
  • And many more items.

Overseas manufacturing of metals and metal products doesn’t have to be complicated when companies learn to trust and put the process in the hands of experienced manufacturing experts.  ITI Manufacturing does intricate metal fabrication and assembly – down to the nuts and bolts.  We have access to factories specialized in die casting, sand casting, investment casting, forging, MIM (metal injection molding) and machining.  In addition, metal forming processes such as blanking, bending, flanging, and drawing are available.  Finishing operations such as powder coating, polishing, texturing, and plating are routine.

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China has its own set of material standards for steel, aluminum, and other metals that somewhat differ from American material standards.  Material selection can occasionally require finding the closest Chinese grade equivalent to a specified American standard.  Stock raw materials sizes, such as for tubing and sheet metal, are offered in Metric units instead of Imperial units.  Production parts are verified with original material certs in order to verify the chemical composition of the actual materials.  ITI completely manages this complexity and offers solutions where necessary.


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