Offshore Manufacturing of Custom Products & Components

Removing the Challenges

Offshore Custom Products Manufactured Your Way

Manufacturing custom products and components offshore is painless when ITI Manufacturing manages the project.  Not all products fit neatly into a specific materials category like “metals” or “plastics”.  Many products consist of complex assemblies consisting of a variety of materials and components. Those assemblies typically require a multitude of custom product manufacturing disciplines and experience.

In fact, oftentimes, the expertise and knowledge of how to effectively manufacture using a wide variety of materials cannot be found at any one factory. This requires the use of subcontractors and component suppliers which may or may not be local to the assembly factory, requiring a reliable transportation component. A certain level of cosmetic features and aesthetics may also be required for a product to be manufactured to specified standards.  Therefore, the number of offshore factories and sub-contractors required to manufacture a single product just might surprise you.

Is Your Custom Product Right for Offshore Manufacturing?

Multiple Manufacturing Sources to Develop Your Unique Products

When a variety of factories is required, each with their own specialty, to successfully manufacture a product, the project must be effectively managed.  Each factory, each subassembly must be qualified before final assembly. American companies are at a huge disadvantage to manage a complex manufacturing situation like this without qualified people on the ground in face to face contact with each factory.

ITI’s offshore manufacturing experience and product sourcing both help with cost-effective manufacturing and delivery of custom, quality products made from various materials, including:

  • Ceramics
  • Glassware and glass packaging
  • Hand-painted poly-resin decoratives
  • Restaurant and hotel accessories
  • Food processing equipment
  • Retail consumer products
  • Advertising specialties
  • Solar-powered products
  • Emerging technologies

Connect with an Experienced Manufacturing Partner

Not sure if your specific industry, materials, or products can be professionally manufactured by ITI Manufacturing? We have extensive experience in many product categories. We are well-connected offshore and know the ins and outs of the offshore manufacturing process. To reach the level of success your company and customers deserve you should partner with ITI.

No matter the custom product you need to have manufactured, with over 45 years of manufacturing experience, our offshore team of experts is dedicated to your success. Are you struggling with a less than ideal offshore manufacturing situation?  Are you thinking about offshore manufacturing and don’t know how to begin?  Contact ITI and let’s discuss the best options so you can enjoy an offshore project that is competitively priced, with consistent quality, and timely delivery.

Rebecca Wells,

National Accounts Manager

Rebecca Wells joined the ITI team in 2021 as a National Account Manager. Rebecca has over 25 years of experience with customer relations and retention as a Project Manager, National Account Manager, and Sales Manager in the Packaging and Retail Industries. She is a Michigan native but considers herself a Texan after calling Houston home for over 15 years. Rebecca enjoys staying active with her family playing tennis and running on the weekends.