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Overseas Manufacturing for Custom Products & Components

Overseas manufacturing of custom products and components is painless when ITI Manufacturing is taking care of business for you. We know that not all products fit a specific materials category like metals or plastics.  Many products are complex assemblies consisting of a variety of component parts. Those component parts may require a multitude of custom product manufacturing disciplines, many of which can’t be found at a single factory. This requires the use of subcontractors and component suppliers which may not even be local to the assembly factory. Other custom products may have quality requirements that aren’t quite objective and relate to cosmetic features or aesthetics.

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A complex array of suppliers must be effectively managed, and their respective components or subassemblies must be qualified before final assembly. Without a presence on the ground in China, American companies are at a huge disadvantage when trying to manage their China suppliers.

ITI’s overseas manufacturing experience and product sourcing helps with cost-effective manufacturing and delivery of a number of quality custom products made from various materials, including items like:

  • Ceramics
  • Glassware and glass packaging
  • Hand-painted poly-resin decoratives

  • Restaurant and hotel accessories
  • Retail consumer products
  • Advertising specialties
  • Solar-powered products
  • Emerging technologies
  • And much more.

Not sure if your specific industry, materials or products can be professionally manufactured by ITI Manufacturing? We are intricately involved in many product categories, well-connected in all business sectors, and have a wealth of experience and expertise in overseas manufacturing processes.

Have a specific product in mind? With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, our ITI Manufacturing team of experts is dedicated to working with companies to help find the best possible solutions. Whether you need a better solution to your production situation or you are searching for answers to help you get started, connecting with us is easy!

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