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Made in China: Sourcing for Custom Products, Components and Parts

Give ITI Manufacturing your sample and specifications. Tell us the quantity and target price. ITI will respond, often within two weeks, after having visited three or more suitable factories. Our goal is to offer a quote and delivery that will meet or beat your targets’ offers for products made in China.

The range of products and parts made in China and shipped to the US is exceptional:

Quality Plastic Products Made in China

Companies that expect quality when it comes to made in China products will find that ITI’s experience in China manufacturing of labor-intensive plastic products is extensive.

China Manufacturing of Wood Products

Simple and labor-intensive wood products, made via China manufacturing and shipped to the US by ITI, cover a range of markets and customers.

Overseas Manufacturing of Metal Products

From ordinary metals to complex alloys, ITI-managed overseas manufacturing for metal products meets specifications for a considerable range of parts and components.

China Manufacturing of Electronics and Electrical Products

ITI ensures that China manufacturing of electrical components and electronics products meet the highest standards of quality, performance and delivery.

China Manufacturing for Medical Products

ITI offers significant China manufacturing experience in labor-intensive medical products and durable medical equipment.

Your Cut & Sewn Custom Products Made in China

ITI’s manufacturing experience and custom product sourcing helps with cost-effective manufacturing and delivery of many cut & sewn products made in China.

Overseas Manufacturing for Custom Products & Components

Overseas manufacturing of custom products and components is painless when ITI Manufacturing is taking care of business for you.

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