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ITI’s offshore manufacturing team of experts provides our customers with continued service excellence through ‘International Manufacturing with Smart Solutions’. This ultimately results in successful manufacturing projects time after time.  As your experienced manufacturing liaison partner, we’re here and ready to serve your needs. To get started, connect with one of our service experts to learn more about what we do and how we can help you solve your Asian manufacturing challenges the SMART WAY!

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Joshua Robinson

Joshua Robinson is President/CEO of ITI.  Joshua joined ITI in 1999 after serving as a field engineer and manager with Schlumberger. While there his responsibilities in part were conducting product failure analyses, field testing new products, and supervising and training field engineers. He is responsible for all aspects of ITI operations in the U.S. and in Asia, including budgeting, finance, marketing, and long-range planning.

Joshua’s specialty at ITI is engineered product, metalworking processes, and plastic molding processes. Also, as a member of the Board of Directors, he leverages his experience managing client projects into improving quality and service and planning the next stages of ITI’s growth. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St Louis.

Dan Courson

The company’s Executive Vice President joined ITI in 1989.  Dan has seen ITI grow from a three-person operation to a staff of 49, including 25 full-time associates in China. He currently manages ITI’s largest customer base. Dan’s communications skills, his talent for problem-solving, and knowledge of all overseas manufacturing processes have contributed significantly to ITI’s growth. He gained his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University.

Richard “Skip” Bickett

Although recently retired as former President/CEO of ITI, Skip remains active as a member of the Board of Directors and Consultant on retainer. Skip brings over 30 years of experience in Asia manufacturing, finance, import systems management, product development, factory management, sourcing, and quality control. He holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Missouri.

Mike M Liu

Mike Liu is Vice President and is among China’s top 100 experts in multiple manufacturing processes. Mike holds vast experience in and adds deep knowledge to all manufacturing processes to ITI’s Asian operations. Mike began working with ITI in 1995.  Mike is responsible for all Asian operations for the company. He lives in Shanghai and travels throughout the country inspecting factories for the purpose of ensuring quality control and selecting factory resources.

Mike began his career at the Shanghai branch of China National Light Industrial Products Import & Export Corp., a massive Chinese Government-owned import/export company. As part of his initial training and development, Mike was required to learn the workings of a wide variety of equipment by working hands-on in the machine shop. Following that period of training Mike quickly rose within the company serving four years in sales and four years as a department manager. His experience with ITI, including eight years working at the company’s headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, has given him a clear perspective from the client’s side as well.

Mike is a problem solver.  His extensive experience with many diverse ITI clients and a wide variety of overseas manufacturing processes has made him the perfect on-the-ground resource as well as the vice president of ITI’s China Operations. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in international trade from Shanghai International Foreign Trade Institute and an MBA from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.

Daniel Wu

Daniel has worked with ITI in Sugar Land as Senior International Sourcing Specialist since 1998. Daniel worked in the Chinese export industry before immigrating to the United States in 1985. Gaining extensive experience in the consumer products industry after arriving in the U.S., he joined ITI in 1998. He has gained expertise in all areas of ITI’s operations, including import logistics, quality control, overseas sourcing, product development, and project management. His proficiency in these areas has resulted in millions of dollars in cost reduction for ITI clients.

He specializes in medical and consumer goods as well as plastics, metals, wood, ceramics, textiles, and electronic childcare products. Proficient in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) as well as English, Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from China and an MS/MIS from the University of Houston.

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart joined ITI in 2002 and is the Vice President of Business Development.  He has a BA in Business and Journalism from SFA University.  Before joining ITI Mike sold, installed, and trained businesses in comprehensive business computer systems in the medical and automotive industry and served as Executive Vice President of a video news magazine production company.  Mike also worked as a consultant helping businesses clearly define their products and services and how to more successfully market those products and services.

Sandy Levin

Sandy Levin is ITI’s founder and has led the company to be the pre-eminent custom manufacturing liaison resource for U.S. companies. Sandy holds a BS from Syracuse University, New York, and a master’s from NYU.  Sandy began making business trips to Asia in 1968 and was one of just 40 Americans invited to the 1974 Canton Fair. He founded ITI shortly thereafter. His immense and first-hand knowledge of Asian business has led to effective sourcing and inspection processes in nine different Chinese cities, as well as productive connections with factories throughout Asia. While no longer taking an active role in the day to day operations at ITI Sandy sits as chairman of the board of directors.

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