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The Role Of Testing Companies In Overseas Manufacturing

Many businesses are enticed by the inexpensive overseas manufacturing that a country like China offers. While this is a wise choice in terms of monetary output, a business owner must also pay attention to quality of production. This is where the role of testing companies comes into play. Internationally recognized testing companies help walk you through the loopholes and difficulties that often arise when dealing with overseas manufacturing. These types of companies will allow you to reap the benefits of overseas manufacturing without suffering any potential drawbacks. The following article points out some of the reasons why it is crucial to use testing companies when manufacturing in China.

The primary task a testing company will assist you in is that of quality control. They will provide you with pre-production samples, production run samples and quality control reports so you are kept up to speed with the quality of the actual product. This will cut out your reliance on verbal reports, and will provide you with a level of accuracy that will allow for true peace of mind. Staying in close contact with the actual product being produced allows businesses to exercise control over the excellence and quality of the final product.

Some of the better testing companies are headquartered in Guangzhou, one of China’s largest manufacturing regions for consumer goods. The offices tend to be run by people native to China who have undergone schooling in America. These people understand the demands and expectations of the western market and also are intimately familiar with all the subtleties of manufacturing in China. They maintain relationships with hundreds of factories. Having a trusted guide in dealing with Chinese manufacturing companies is an invaluable tool. Establishing a relationship with a testing company will provide you with a service that understands your needs and can help walk you through the challenges of overseeing a Chinese factory.

Testing companies are able to help you ensure your products adhere to government regulations. This is always a difficult task, and when producing in China, the task can become even more daunting. Most testing companies work with accredited third party labs to make certain the products that are shipped meet all criteria for successful import into the United States. Product safety is incredibly important, and is one of the more valuable things a testing company can provide to your business.

The majority of testing companies will also provide delivery service on all your projects, so you do not have to navigate the frustrations of customs clearance and vessel bookings. The best testing companies can also assist you in product development. Working with a business that has assisted customers in designing and manufacturing products for decades will give you an advantage in rendering concept sketches, creating functional prototype samples, custom tooling, custom packaging and short run sampling.

The role of testing companies in overseas manufacturing is incredibly important. Western business initiatives should not delve into manufacturing in China without the assistance of an internationally recognized testing company, or a liaison like ITI. With their assistance, your business can enjoy the monetary benefits of overseas manufacturing without shorting the quality of your product. Ask ITI how your product can be tested for quality and safety standards when manufacturing in China.

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