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Resolving Common Concerns With On-Time Product Delivery


On-time delivery is a well-known, crucial element of a successful supply chain. No product, no sales, or worse: No product: customers may find another supplier.

While importing involves all of the issues of domestic manufacturing when it comes to on-time delivery, there are additional layers to consider. Customs inspection procedures are enhanced due to increased security concerns, international paperwork procedures leave no room for error, and the physical movement of containers, ships, and rail must be synchronized in a ballet-like fashion for each and every delivery to reach its destination on time.

The fear of late deliveries can offset the lure of lower cost goods from overseas. Why? For those with some or no experience in off shore manufacturing the process can be complex and mystifying. Cultural, economic, and even weather related factors can come into play in ways not thought about when the original PO is issued.

While delays due to weather or random customs inspections are situations no one can control there is a proven way to minimize late deliveries when moving production off shore: work with a company that has deep experience in the culture and business practices of that country. It’s one thing to be familiar with a couple of factories in China, it’s quite another to work with a company that has been working in Asia since the 70’s.

ITI Manufacturing has teams of native English-speaking Americans as well as native Chinese speakers who interface with our China staff and factories. There is no “lost in translation” scenario. The same clear communication structure ensuring all details take place in a timely manner for a shipment to arrive on time is the same structure that guarantees goods are manufactured, tested, and inspected to the customer’s specifications. Therefore, the most common reasons for late shipments – issues with raw materials, the manufacturing process, and communication surrounding transportation – are handled. ITI’s China staff manages the complete process.

Raw Material Suppliers

Our China staff works hand and hand with Chinese manufactures to ensure the correct raw materials, in the right quantities, are on hand when needed.

Manufacturing Timeline

ITI’s China staff also meets face to face with factory owners and staff monitoring the status of work in progress. They become part of the factory’s team responsible for on-time production. When an issue arises, it is addressed immediately. Our China staff also interfaces directly with internationally recognized testing labs for all material and / or final product testing that is required.

Overseas Product Shipment

Finally, ITI’s China staff works closely with all entities involved in the exporting of the completed goods. All required fees and paperwork is meticulously completed and submitted. If a customer wants to take possession of the goods in China, ITI’s China staff works closely with the customer’s chosen freight forwarding company to ensure a smooth transition. On the USA side, ITI arranges for all paperwork and fees to be issued and paid in a timely manner, allowing the shipment to be delivered to the agreed location.

ITI has been managing our client’s off shore manufacturing process since the 70’s. We understand the culture, the issues, and the solutions needed for on-time production. Give us a call, we can help.

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