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When Products Are Damaged In Shipping

If you’ve ever sent anything through a parcel carrier, you know that goods are easily lost or damaged on a trip. If you take this up to a much larger scale, you can imagine the damage that can occur during international shipping between an overseas manufacturing facility and your home distribution center. While no one wants to deal with lost or damaged items, it is incredibly important that you prepare for this eventuality. Knowing what you can do to minimize the damage – and who has to pay in the event of that damage occurring – is the best way to protect your budget.

The true fact of the matter is that you should expect some sort of damage when shipping from overseas. There are numerous causes of damage on the water and in the air, many of which are outside of the shipper’s control. Issues like rough weather can cause turbulence or unsafe conditions on a ship’s deck, and the odds of your goods being damaged in transit will go up accordingly. At the same time, issues like rough handling from third parties or packing problems might lead your goods to be damaged and might make it hard to correctly apportion the blame.

If your goods are damaged in transit, the first stop is usually your shipping insurance. You should always get some form of insurance on your products when shipping from your overseas manufacturing facility – marine insurance if by water, or insurance provided through the carrier if by air. This insurance will generally pay for any issues that are caused through the fault of either the carrier or through unforeseen circumstances – if your problems were caused by poor packaging or unclear labeling, it is very unlikely that you will be able to recover anything even if you have purchased insurance.

As such, it is more important to make sure that your goods are properly packaged for the trip than to wonder how you will recover if there is damage. Make sure that you budget for proper shipping procedures, as cutting corners will eventually lead to reduced inventory. Work with a shipper that you can trust, even if it costs a bit more – this will help to ensure that your goods will be handled properly and that you will not have to worry about inventory shrinkage during the passage. This, coupled with good insurance, will help to reduce the costs related to losing goods in shipping.

Always be prepared for problems with shipping. Overseas manufacturing will always have issues associated with it, and you can make your life a great deal easier if you simply plan ahead. Make sure that you have your items prepared to ship correctly, and always make sure that you purchase the right kind of insurance before your products are sent out. You may not always be able to recover that which is lost or damaged, but the proper preparation can help you to cut your losses and to have a more successful shipping process.

Here at ITI, we are committed to helping you ship your goods in the most proper means, from packaging to shipping procedures down to insuring your products. Contact us today for more information.

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