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China Manufacturers Celebrate Labor Day

Holidays are nothing new, but you should know what to expect. In the United States we know what to expect when our repeating holidays come abound. We know what days we’re off from work; we know when the stores are going to close and which stores typically close on a particular holiday.

China holidays are sometimes not so easy to know. Take China’s Labor Day, or May Day, for example. One interesting difference in the Chinese Labor Day and the USA Labor Day is the time of year celebrated. The USA Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September, whereas the Chinese Labor Day (as well as the Labor Days of many other countries) is celebrated on May 1st.

The USA Labor Day is always on a Monday so we will always know what to expect: A long weekend with that Monday off. The Chinese May 1st Labor Day is like our other holidays in that it falls on a specific date, and marches year to year through the week. However, there is one unique difference in China. Even though Labor Day is technically only one day, individual China manufacturers may be closed, or will work with reduced staff, for more than that single day. It can depend upon the individual factory, the type of workers in that factory, the area in which the factory is located, and the industry the factory is in.

What Is Chinese Labour Day or May Day?

This particular celebration is China’s International Workers’ Day. The holiday has roots in labor movements and advancements such as the 8-hour workday. For those companies around the world that are conducting business with China manufacturers, it’s important to know that, unlike the United States where laborers have one day off, in China, they could have three days off.

Another detail to be aware of is that the freight forwarding and customs offices also closed for Labor Day.

Helping Your Company Prepare

Business does not wait, and surprise late shipments are never a welcomed occurrence. It is important to take the necessary precautions before Chinese Labour Day, or any holiday, to prepare for any “adjustments” in the production schedule. You do not want to be the last to know when, and to what extent, China manufacturers are closed.

ITI Manufacturing has been working with China manufacturers for over 40 years, and understands the ins and outs of factors that may cause delays. These factors go well beyond the Chinese holidays. ITI will help you develop strategies to prepare for whatever is likely to come. Placing orders in the correct timeframe is one example. The goal is to avoid what should be a small hiccup in production that has the potential to domino into a major issue.

ITI Manufacturing’s China based staff is familiar with the customs and the ways in which business is conducted that are deeply ingrained in the Chinese culture. They keep constant watch on the Chinese manufacturers, personnel, trends, and industries in which their customers are manufacturing.

If your product is manufactured in China, the more you understand about Chinese manufacturers, including their culture and holidays, and the more successful your business will be. Working with US based companies with a full-time, dedicated staff in China, like ITI, can help guide you through the entire process to ensure you meet your manufacturing needs and goals.

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