Manufacturing in China: Items You Own That Were Likely Made In China

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China has become the largest manufacturing hub in the world.  Everyday items are arriving in the United States from China that will be purchased by Americans from all walks of life.  You probably buy things regularly that were manufactured in China as imports from the county totaled more than $400 billion in 2019 alone.

You may be surprised at the well-known brands that do some or all of their manufacturing overseas.  Watch this brief video to learn more about brands that have mastered offshore manufacturing.


If you have children, grandchildren, or you have children you buy gifts for, chances are that you have purchased toys that were made or at least partially made in China.  It’s estimated that at least 80% of all toys made worldwide are Chinese made.


We all wear shoes but you may not be aware that you have probably purchased shoes that were made in China.  70% of shoes sold in the United States are coming from China!  Many people buy shoes thinking they are all made in America or Europe but that is often not the case.  Well-known shoe brands such as Nike, Converse, Adidas, and New Balance are manufactured in China.  These companies often have factories in the United States as well as in other countries, including China.


We all carry cellphones.  But, did you know that some or all your cell phone was manufactured in China?  For instance, the Apple iPhone is not made completely in China, but it’s battery is.  Without Chinese manufacturing, you may not have the phone that you love in its current form or at its current price point.


A large portion of the clothes that we buy and wear today are made in China and elsewhere around the world. Even some of the most iconic “American” clothing brands are manufactured in China.  For instance, your favorite pair of Levi’s Jeans were probably made in a factory in China.

Baby Products

Most of us are aware that products such as automobiles and appliances are often at least partially manufactured in China.  What some of us may not be aware of is that many products bought for babies are also made in China.  For instance, in 2018 alone, the US imported more than $290 million in baby strollers and car seats from China.

Should You be Manufacturing In China?

Have you considered the benefits of manufacturing your products in China?  It can be a great way to grow your business and increase profits.  ITI Manufacturing is available to help you learn how our liaison services can help you succeed with manufacturing your product in China.

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about how offshore manufacturing can be customized to help you reach your business goals.