ITI’s Proven Process

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ITI Manufacturing is a full-service offshore OEM custom manufacturing company.  We have manufactured products offshore on behalf of our customers since 1974.  Central to our longevity and success in supplying the highest level of product quality as well as customer service and support is our Proven Process.  ITI Manufacturing’s Proven Process has been continuously tested and tweaked to minimize manufacturing defects and maximize customer service and support.

ITI Manufacturing’s Proven Process outline below is designed to describe what the process is and what happens during each stage.  This process is put to the test daily and continues to be refined when necessary.

ITI Proven Process

Assess and Define the Customer’s Product and Company

A successful project begins with a thorough and complete understanding of the product as well as the client company.  Complete product specifications are critical as is being familiar with our client’s current circumstance and direction.  The client’s main contact, the National Accounts Manager, reviews all details, testing, inspection criteria, and other important facts to ensure an in-depth understanding of the product as well as the client company.  This detail is passed to Sourcing where a native Chinese speaker, who is a Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP), will translate the details into Chinese and forward those details to our registered China office.

Source Multiple Factories

ITI Manufacturing sources in multiple countries, but we will reference China in this blog.  Once received, our China-based staff selects the province in which to source the product.  Typically, three (3) factories are interviewed.  Our Chinese staff travel in person to the factories so the interviews take place at the factory, face to face.  Prior to the interview, a customized Chinese confidentiality agreement, known as an “NNN” Agreement, written by our Chinese attorney and consistent with Chinese law, is signed by authorized individuals in our registered China office as well as the factory.


Upon interview completion, each factory will contact its suppliers and will create a custom quote.  Quotes are sent to one of our China offices.  The quotes are evaluated and sent to our USA headquarters.  Our Chinese staff in the USA will review the quote for completeness, discuss the details with our China-based staff, and translate the quote into English.  Details for each factory are discussed to determine which is the best fit depending on project details.  A sample of some of those details is product classification, materials used, manufacturing processes required, the factory’s current available throughput, their experience, expertise, and reputation, quantities needed, the quality level expected, target pricing, timing, anticipated future growth, and overall understanding of the product.  Details are then discussed with the National Accounts Manager.  The National Accounts Manager then works with logistics, finalizes the quote details, and presents them to the client. The quote lists all details of the project including total landed price, deposit timing and amount, terms, tooling detail, quantity, product description, packaging details, and point of customer possession.

Project Authorization

Upon quote approval, the client submits a purchase order and deposit.  ITI Manufacturing generates the necessary paperwork and authorizes the factory to begin the project.  From this point on, ITI Manufacturing manages and is responsible for the complete project.

Sample Approval

Upon receipt of the order and deposit, the factory makes an approval sample for the client’s review.  Approval samples are made.  Typically, each entity has an identical sample: The client, the factory, our China office, and our USA office.  The National Accounts Manager works directly with the client during the approval sample process.  ITI Manufacturing authorizes the factory to begin production only after the client approves the sample.


During production, the client’s National Accounts Manager keeps the client up to date.  ITI’s Chinese staff visit the factory regularly before, during, and upon completion of production.  ITI’s Chinese staff participates in the testing, inspection, and final check and loading of the product into containers.

Logistics and Delivery

ITI Manufacturing’s Chinese staff manages all logistics and paperwork.  ITI may be arranging for the ocean freight or may interface seamlessly with the client’s freight forwarding company.  Delivery could be China port, a port in another country, USA West or East Coast, nearest US Customs warehouse, multiple distribution centers, the client’s domestic, local warehouse, or a combination.  ITI staff members manage and remain responsible for the shipment until the client takes possession.

Post-Delivery and Follow Up

The client’s National Accounts Manager continues to follow up to verify the shipment arrived successfully and the quality is as expected.

ITI’s Proven Process consists of many more steps and details depending upon the unique nature of the project, the materials used, and the manufacturing processes required.  We hope this brief overview was helpful in describing our Proven Process.

Many companies may have similar processes.  ITI’s people and commitment to our clients make the difference.  We are a 100% ESOP employee-owned company. We take our responsibility seriously.

To schedule a consultation to discuss how ITI Manufacturing can help your company successfully manufacture offshore, go to or call us at (877) 737-1381. We look forward to speaking with you soon.