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Wood & Plastic Products Made in China

Key Provinces Responsible for the World’s Supply of Wood & Plastic Products


Having products made in China consists of every conceivable type of product in virtually all industries, with wood and plastic products being two of the most robust.  Statistically, six out of ten of the world’s largest export centers are located within China’s boundaries, with much of the country’s manufacturing located in five of the country’s most populous areas.  In this blog we will highlight the five most popular provinces for made in China wood and plastic products.

Guangdong Province

Guangdong province, located on the South China Sea, is home to Guangzhou, one of China’s most prominent urban centers.  Thousands of manufacturing facilities are located within this city’s confines manufacturing everything from simple wood products such as furniture and toothpicks to more sophisticated items like high-quality plastic child carriers, electrical connectors, and disposable razors.  Guangzhou has numerous industrial and manufacturing zones allowing overseas manufacturers to take full advantage of the region’s natural resources and substantial worker base.

Tianjin Municipality

The city of Tianjin is Beijing’s coastal sister city.  Although considered a municipality rather than a province this thriving urban metropolis is considered one of China’s manufacturing giants.  Although this municipality specializes primarily in the more technologically advanced production of aerospace and aviation products, automobiles, and alternative energy products, there are also plenty of manufacturing facilities within its borders that specialize in producing wood and plastic goods.

Zhejiang Province

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Modern style wooden chairs

Zhejiang Province has several industrial centers, and each one focuses on manufacturing diverse types of products.  In general, Yuyao City, a county in Ningbo, is the place to go for plastic products used in industry and construction.  Taizhou City specializes in producing a diverse array of plastic products such as chairs and storage boxes and Yongkang City, is known for fabricating wood products such as doors and cleaning products like mops.



Chongqing Municipality

Chongqing is a municipality that is best known for industrial manufacturing.  Plastic materials used in the manufacturing industry are mass-produced in one of the municipality’s many facilities.  The local government of Chongqing is encouraging a trend toward manufacturing high technology rather than industrial and automotive industry goods.  However, many facilities currently and will continue to exist within Chongqing’s borders focusing on manufacturing components for industrial and automotive facilities.

Shanghai Municipality

The past 25 years have proven Shanghai’s viability as a manufacturing center.  Today, Shanghai produces everything from communication equipment to plastic products as well as diverse products used within the biomedical field.  Due to its convenient location Shanghai is also a transport hub making it an extremely convenient location from which to work.

Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu Province is located within the Yangtze delta zone. It is a popular location for wood furniture manufacturing.  Although the majority of the wood used in furniture production is sourced internationally, China remains the leading producer and exporter in this industry.

Your Products Made in China

ITI Manufacturing has developed relationships with high-quality Chinese manufacturers over its 44-year history.  Our clients have the best possible experience when outsourcing their manufacturing to China due to our deep understanding and long-term commitment to quality China sourcing.

If your company has experienced challenges with products made in China, or you’re new to China manufacturing and not sure how to get started, connect with us to find out what you’ve been missing! Call us at 888-574-6823 or access our website and find out if China manufacturing is right for you.

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