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Current Metal Product Manufacturing in China

With the steel and aluminum tariff talks currently dominating our media, we wanted to provide some facts about China’s metal product manufacturing. No one really knows for sure how the “tariff talks” and the tariffs that have been put in place by both China and the USA will ultimately turn out, but here are some facts about China’s metal manufacturing.

China is currently the world’s leading producer of steel and various other metals.  The growing world-wide demand for steel and other metal products, particularly in the auto, aircraft, and construction industries, continue to drive China’s metal production.  Companies around the world continue to leverage China’s metal fabrication capabilities, skilled labor force, and favorable production costs by outsourcing the manufacture of steel and metal products to Chinese companies in Hebei and other top steel-producing provinces.

Geography of Steel Production in China

The number one steel-making province in China is Hebei, located in the northeast and surrounding the capitol Beijing. Iron and steel manufacturing are its two largest industries.  Hebei Iron & Steel and Tangshan Guofeng Iron & Steel are the two leading manufacturers. The province produced 191 million tons of steel in 2017, about 20% of China’s total output.

Other major steel manufacturers are located in Shanghai, a municipality located on the eastern coast, Sichuan, the largest steel maker in western China, Shandong just south of Hebei, and Xinjiang in the northwest. These locations are home to many of the country’s leading steel production companies.

Benefits of Outsourcing Metal Products and Components

Chinese manufacturers have the facilities and infrastructure to handle large orders of all types of metal products and components using iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals. In addition, the quality of Chinese manufacturing is higher than ever before because Chinese manufacturers have invested in research and development and have retooled factories with high-tech automation to provide more efficient production capabilities.

Winter Air Quality Restrictions Lifted

In efforts to improve air quality, the Chinese government has been restricting steel production, including shutting down high-polluting manufacturers. When winter draws to a close, restrictions are lifted, and manufacturing facilities come back on-line to bring production back up to its previous capacity.

Benefits of Outsourcing through ITI Manufacturing

ITI Manufacturing helps US companies successfully outsource their products to high quality Chinese manufacturers.  We manage the manufacture of a wide range of various product materials including a variety of metal product components – from pipe fittings to hinges to dog kennels.

ITI Manufacturing works to ensure a positive working relationship between Chinese manufacturers and our US-based clients.  We have nearly 45 years’ experience in following best business practices that secure our clients the successful results they seek. Speak with one of our experts to learn about our China “No Manufacturing Defects” guarantee.  Call 888-574-6823 to arrange your no-cost, no obligation quote today!

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