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Manufacturing in the Time of a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world does business.  There are new developments every day that may have an impact on our lives and the manufacturing industry. Because the situation is so fluid, manufacturers must be flexible.  Business owners and manufacturers need to embrace the change, be creative in all endeavors, be aware [...]

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Need to go to China but Don’t Want to? No Problem. We’re Already There!

COVID-19 has stalled the world economy with more waves of shortages, late shipments, and uncertainty surely still to come. Regardless of whether a nation is in the recovery stage or the discovery stage, one thing is for sure:  No one wants to take a chance of becoming infected. That’s where ITI Manufacturing comes in.  If [...]

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China Manufacturing’s Electrical Product Hubs

: Is your company currently outsourcing in China and experiencing challenges in electrical product manufacturing? You owe it to your bottom line to at least call 888-574-6823 and discuss your situation with ITI Manufacturing. Put our 45 years’ experience in China manufacturing to work for you.
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