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China Next Innovation Hot Spot For The World

In a recent study published in the Journal of Business Strategy, Georges Haour declares China to be the next innovation hot spot for the world. It suggests that even though China is still a low-tech country overall, it has developed world-class islands of knowledge for innovation and tech creation. Here is an article summation by [...]

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China Now The World’s Leading Trader

For the first time ever China has overtaken the United States as the biggest trader of goods in the world. According to figures released by Beijing on Friday, the value of China’s imports and exports in 2013 reached $4.16 trillion. This will almost certainly surpass the American figure, which won’t be released until February — [...]

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China Jumps Ahead in Semiconductor Production

Semiconductors are on the move it seems! At least that’s what the voice of the US-based semiconductor industry association (SEMI) is telling us. They have hopped off to China and left the US. SEMI has just published a damning report that adds fuel to the fire (or at least that looks like making the current [...]

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China’s Global Role in Ceramics Sector

China has long been the world's leading manufacturer when it comes to ceramic production. Since the early 2000's, China has enjoyed this role, producing well over 2,000 million square meters per year, if not more. Other ceramic products produced include pottery, stoneware, chinaware and porcelain. With a domestic demand that can see that all ceramics [...]

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China Expanding in Medical Device Sector

The medical device market has an estimated global worth of over $300 billion. Back in 2007, China made up only 20% of that market share, however for the past several years, the country has enjoyed double digit growth at unprecedented rates. Liu Daozhi, who owns a leading medical device manufacturing firm in China said, "By [...]

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China Dominates The Electronics Industry

In order to fully appreciate China's role in electronics manufacturing, one must first understand the fact that China is, hands down, the largest exporter of electronics products in the world. Since the early 90's, China's electronics industry has grown rapidly, finally surpassing the U.S. as the number one exporter in 2005. This rate of growth [...]

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