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Wood Ventures: Manufacturer of wooden vents for heating and air conditioning ducts. With orders backed up and irritated customers breathing down its neck, The Wood Ventures™ Company had its back against a wall.

Located in Grass Valley, California, the company is surrounded by the technology industry. Workers in this region routinely expect wages on par with what the technology companies pay. Wood Ventures had a difficult time maintaining a work force because it couldn’t afford to pay comparable wages and stay competitive. At the same time, in order to meet the increasing demand for the company’s standard product line as well as its custom line for building contractors, Wood Ventures needed to expand its plant. The firm quickly realized that the considerable environmental and political challenges they faced would make the process of securing a permit very difficult.

By exploring foreign manufacturing options with ITI, they found a way to have its standard line of products manufactured to its very demanding standards in China. This solved both its labor and plant expansion issues, allowing the company’s current employees to concentrate on the contractor custom product line utilizing their existing facility.

Today, company President John Hendrickson reflects on the severity of the predicament his company was in and is grateful to ITI for helping Wood Ventures adapt. He believes foreign outsourcing saved his company; his employees are grateful that smart outsourcing saved their jobs.

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