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Vinamor: Maker of the Vinamor wine aerator. The Vinamor wine aerator is a glass and stainless steel, hands-free device for letting wine breathe properly, allowing wine enthusiasts to get more enjoyment out of each glass of wine. Made of stainless steel and glass, the product is dishwasher safe and exceptionally easy to use.

Before partnering with ITI, Vinamor owner Gary DeJohn was using a glass artist in Colorado to make the glass portion of his product and making the stainless steel strainers himself. Per unit costs were high and he was constantly challenged to keep up with demand, especially once his product was featured on ABC’s entrepreneur reality series Shark Tank.

DeJohn confesses to having some initial trepidation about quality when he first considered sending his manufacturing overseas. “At first I did have concerns about the product not being as well made,” he says. “But with ITI, I didn’t have to worry about the product quality. It took some trust on my part, but the way ITI took my hand and walked me through the process made it easy to trust them.”

DeJohn says he knew ITI had a great reputation, and he relied on his ITI team to find and work with the best manufacturers in China.

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