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She-Edison LLC: Lawn tool inventor/marketer. The company’s patented SnapBagger® leaf collector helps lawn and garden workers accomplish two bagging steps in a single tool: holding the bag open and filling the bag. It uses the new concept of taking the bag to the leaves in a unique shoveling motion.

SnapBagger eliminates touching wet and dirty leaves while minimizing bending, stooping and twisting. Its unique bungee-in-trash-bag design makes bag attachment quick and secure, and it allows the tool to be used in a dynamic fashion without the risk of the bag slipping off during work.

The company sent prototypes to three US manufacturers (the largest American sheet-metal fabricators); the estimated costs were so high that competing in the intensive lawn-and-garden market would have been prohibitively expensive. Instead, the Denver-based company tapped ITI with its specialized Chinese manufacturing/delivery capabilities to help produce a competitive product that continued to meet She-Edison standards for ease-of-assembly and ruggedness.

ITI’s Asian production and quality-assurance capabilities let She-Edison manufacture, import and distribute finished SnapBagger lawn tools for a cost-per-piece that consistently meets the company’s profit margin goals. She-Edison concentrates on extending its marketing and sales activities while ITI manages the factories.

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