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Since the 1940s, Lee Manufacturing has been bringing time-saving solutions to kitchens all across America and around the world. They are the originators of family favorites like Lee’s Corn Cutter and Creamer, Lee’s Mr. Pea Sheller, Lee’s Cabbage Cutter, the unique Dynamic Nutcracker and the “ever-amazing” Kinetic Kracker.

In 2006, Lee Manufacturing started working with ITI to maintain their price-competitiveness while continuing to deliver high-quality products that their customers have come to expect over the years. Newt Weeks from Lee Manufacturing states: “It’s much easier to work with one company that can manage the whole process for you – maintaining multiple vendors is a headache. Our partnership with ITI helps us focus on our customers, while they manage the manufacturing details.”

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ITI Manufacturing sources and delivers manufactured components and custom products of all sizes, shapes and materials. Our delivered prices regularly save ITI customers 20-30%.

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