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Lap Belt Cinch: Custom products that enhance seatbelt safety, control and comfort. Lap Belt Cinch Inc. invented and developed a small device that clips onto the seatbelt of a sports car, giving the seatbelt many of the benefits of a race harness without the cost and hassle. And when tested, it turned out this simple device added significant safety and comfort to traditional seatbelts.

So Lap Belt Cinch diverted promotional dollars from the sales of it sports car device to develop and patent aftermarket and original equipment designs for adults and children based on the unique technology. The company is now working with a major strategic partner to take its aftermarket products and original equipment designs to several large national and international markets.

Having spent most of its capital on research and development and worldwide patents, Lap Belt Cinch turned to ITI to help produce its sports car product. According to Lap Belt Cinch CEO Chuck Carter, ITI was the ideal choice for several reasons.

“First, they were willing to work with a small company with small volumes, and they were willing grow with us,” Carter says. “Second, no one could beat their prices. Third, it was a turnkey operation; we had one point of contact at ITI and that person managed the tooling, materials sourcing, production, packaging and delivery to our location. We could focus our staff and resources on sales, not production.”

Bruce Mather, chief technical officer and inventor of the technology, agrees: “ITI differentiated themselves from others in two important areas. They listened to what we needed and built specifications that clearly met our objectives and needs, and they were highly focused on delivering quality and precisely what was specified.”

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