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Ingrum Skate Supply is a manufacturer of quad (traditional) roller skates. They make an entry level roller skate that is a perfect gift for your child’s birthday or any other special occasion.

The cost to manufacture the skates became too high after their manufacturer moved overseas. Seeking a better solution, the company was thrilled to find ITI and has been working with them for 5 years and counting. Jeff Ingrum, the company’s founder, says “their insight into how things work in China is amazing. If there is a glitch, they know how to handle it. To go it alone in China without ITI would be foolish.”

If there is anyone who can vouch for ITI, it would be Mr. Ingrum. The China factory he worked with to manufacture his skates was closing its doors unexpectedly. ITI found out about the closure before it happened and in turn, notified Ingrum. ITI was able to get his roller skate production moved to another factory seamlessly. Moreover, ITI was even able to arrange a deal to bring on some of the employees from the closed factory to the new one. “ITI is real.” He says. “They are good at what they do.”

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