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Dixie Poly Drum Corporation: Industrial platform manufacturer. Based in South Carolina, Dixie Poly Drum is a small American company that looks for every edge to stay in the game – and win. They identified one of their fork liftable work platforms as the perfect opportunity to benefit from manufacturing in China.

In this model, the handrails disassemble and fit into the platform’s base for compact shipping and storage.  It sells into a market that Dixie Poly Drum knows very well, and Dixie Poly Drum knows how to sell it.

ITI production/engineering representatives helped the company source a platform design purposely suited for offshore manufacturing and importing. ITI had the right people in the right places and served as Dixie Poly Drum’s agent, negotiating on the South Carolina company’s behalf, taking the mysteries and the risks out of importing.

The new imported product fit exactly into Dixie Poly Drum’s established distribution network and started selling right away. On top of the Chinese manufactured platform’s direct and profitable contribution, Dixie Poly Drum has been able to increase the on-site manufacturing of its own custom-designed and specialty work platforms. In fact, the Dixie Poly Drum metal shop has expanded since the company began importing.

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