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Bolaball is a highly-addictive game that has been sweeping across backyards, picnics and barbecues throughout the United States and Canada. It’s a game of skill, similar to horseshoes, where competitors hurl a Bolaball (two balls connected with a string) onto a ladder with three horizontal bars.

The objective is to wrap the Bolaball across a bar for varying point values. The developer has recently added stands to their arsenal – allowing players to bring the excitement indoors!

ITI is a proud partner of Bolaball and has been managing their overseas manufacturing for over 5 years. Richard Trecartin is the owner of the company and approached ITI to deliver a high-quality, cost-competitive solution for their product. In addition to the manufacturing of all of the game’s components, ITI sources all of the product packaging – a complete, one-stop source for manufacturing.

According to Mr. Trecartin, he’s extremely pleased with the results from ITI, saying “ITI sticks to their word. We came to ITI for their quality and knowledge of overseas markets. They allowed us to quickly manufacture Bolaball and remain competitive with price. They remove the language and cultural barriers that are often found with overseas manufacturing companies making the whole process very easy for us.”

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