The Beebo: A better way to bottle-feed. When Martin and Sarah Hill became parents of their second child, they found it increasingly difficult to manage their baby’s bottle-feeding with daily tasks like answering the phone or changing television channels, among other things. With an engineering background, Martin thought there had to be a better way, so he created the Beebo. Immediately, he and Sarah found that it not only helped free up their hands, but it also provided a wonderful bonding experience with their baby.

Manufacturing the Beebo, however, proved to be a more difficult endeavor. When Martin began pricing U.S. manufacturers, he was surprised at how high the costs were. He then started looking at overseas options where he was thrown into a “labyrinth of madness”. Besides the language barriers, there were differences in the business culture and a general feeling of distrust in getting his product safely and efficiently manufactured. It was then that his wife found out about ITI, and she encouraged him to contact them for help.


Once he spoke with the team at ITI, he was completely confident about taking the process of the Beebo to China manufacturing. He was happy to discover that working with ITI helped to quickly eliminate the cultural differences and language barriers.

“They held my hand through the whole process and helped us find the materials we needed at the right cost and on the right timeline. Their experience is worth it.” The Beebo is now being sold at the right price point, and the Hill’s couldn’t be happier with its success; all thanks to ITI.

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