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Microlight Corporation: Manufacturer of medical laser devices to treat soft tissue pain. When Microlight started doing business with ITI back in 2002, it did so in an effort to stay competitive while still keeping its laser device affordable for medical distributors and practitioners. The partnership let Mike Barbour, Microlight’s founder and president, focus on marketing, while ITI concentrated on manufacturing and quality control details.

The strategy flourished, and today Barbour considers ITI to be an essential, strategic business partner. In fact, Microlight recently celebrated the 15-year milestone by signing a new contract with ITI that extends the partnership for another five years.


Barbour especially touts ITI’s attention to detail in the product inspection and quality control arena. As a medical device manufacturer subject to unannounced U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspections and stringent regulations, Microlight’s quality control has to be taken to a higher standard than many American manufacturers. Says Barbour: “I feel confident in ITI’s efforts to keep quality at the highest levels and to keep us compliant with the strict regulations that govern my product.”

With ITI’s help, Microlight’s future is bright. New applications for the laser have led the company to extend uses of the science from carpal tunnel and back pain to cancer pain management and stem cell therapies. Microlight is also proud to say the finished product was used by the gold medal-winning 2012 U.S. women’s gymnastics team!

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