Everyone uses the bathroom, but nobody likes leaving behind an unpleasant smell.  Recognizing the need for a product that could create an odorless bathroom environment, David Lee Cogswell invented the Cogswell Personal Air Purifier for Toilets.  The product uses a unique air filtration system and avoids the use of perfumed sprays and harmful chemicals that only mask unpleasant odors.  The Cogswell Personal Air Purifier detects your presence, creates a vortex within the toilet bowl and then filters the malodorous gases that are released from the body.  A natural filtration system returns the air to the bathroom fresh and clean.

David worked for years professionally developing the product and obtaining intellectual property rights.  When he was ready to start manufacturing the product, he found that domestic production costs would not allow for a competitively priced retail consumer product.  David wanted to focus on marketing the product and building his company, but he found himself stymied by the search for a competitive manufacturing solution.  Then he found ITI Manufacturing.


ITI took his detailed design data and finished prototypes and immediately sourced a competitive manufacturer in China.  His supply chain management now in the hands of ITI, David could focus his time on promoting the product worldwide.  Within the year, David had a shipment of high-quality product in his warehouse that was ready for distribution to online and brick and mortar retailers.  “I had little experience and even less interest in handling my own China manufacturing.  I wanted to focus on making deals and building the company.  ITI was able to completely handle the entire sourcing, production, quality assurance, and shipping of my product.  We even collaborated to develop a fantastic packaging solution that we’re very proud of.”

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