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China Manufacturing Case Studies

ITI Provides Timely Delivery and Guarantees Exceptional Quality.

ITI sources and delivers custom-manufactured components and finished goods of all sizes, shapes and materials. Delivered prices regularly save ITI customers 20-30%.

Talk with ITI about “Making it in China” today. Find out if overseas manufacturing – complete with satisfaction guarantee – is the smart move for you.

The Angeles Group®

Manufacturer of early-childhood products. When Angeles Corp. founder Claude Tindell began building and selling tricycles school to school from his station wagon back in 1958, he probably never dreamed his company would eventually do business on a worldwide scale.

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Microlight Corporation

Manufacturer of medical laser devices to treat soft tissue pain. When Microlight started doing business with ITI back in 2002, it did so in an effort to stay competitive while still keeping its laser device affordable for medical distributors and practitioners.

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The Beebo

A better way to bottle-feed. When Martin and Sarah Hill became parents of their second child, they found it increasingly difficult to manage their baby’s bottle-feeding with daily tasks like answering the phone or changing television channels, among other things.

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Plant Stands, Inc.

As one of the most innovative potted plant accessories manufacturers around, Plant Stands, Inc. offers a host of different solutions for plant lovers. Their highly-effective plant stands and “Lazy Susan” plant turners are engineered for stain protection and convenience.

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Cogswell Innovations

Everyone uses the bathroom, but nobody likes leaving behind an unpleasant smell.  Recognizing the need for a product that could create an odorless bathroom environment, David Lee Cogswell invented the Cogswell Personal Air Purifier for Toilets.

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