The Amusement Park Manufacturing Market

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ITI Manufacturing will be exhibiting at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions 2017 Expo, (IAAPA Expo). At the 2017 IAAPA Expo, those in the amusement, hotel, resort, casino, and theme park industries can learn how to breathe new life into their attractions. Whether the goal is to create a new ride, transform operations, recognize corporate leaders, or update a company’s marketing methods, the opportunities presented by the expo in Orlando, Florida are limitless.

Immersive Technology

A major trend in today’s theme parks and entertainment venues is the use of technology to create an immersive experience. AI (artificial intelligence) is advancing to the point visitors and systems interact with each other and also interact with other technologies such as VR (virtual reality). From there, AI proceeds to tailor attractions to consumers’ needs at specific points in the journey.

VR, Imaging Tech, and In-Queue Entertainment

Rides aren’t the only theme park elements incorporating virtual reality. According to recent research, up to 95% of survey respondents would like to use VR to browse photos after a ride. Theme park operators are using this technology to create immersive experiences that build a feeling of anticipation, and provide riders with pre and in-ride images that were captured without their knowledge. Very soon, theme parks will incorporate photo opportunities into rides increasing guests’ engagement and enjoyment from the time they enter the queue to the time the ride is over.

Wearable Tech and Facial Recognition

Theme parks’ use of wearable technology is also evolving. New wearable devices allow parks to schedule bookings and make it easier for guests to pay for certain items while reducing transaction times and shortening queues. Just as virtual reality creates an immersive experience, wearables facilitate connections between the park and its guests. Some parks currently use wearables to track photos taken in “photo op” spots in the parks.  In the coming years it is expected parks will use clothing and facial recognition technology to give guests access to all photos they’ve had taken in the park. With this emerging technology, guests will find it easier to access and instantly share content anywhere, at any time, and with anyone.

Looking Toward the Future

In the next few years the development and integration of these and other new trends will allow parks to improve and increase the intimacy and customization of visitors’ experiences. The park visitor experience of the future looks like it will be increasingly connected one with AI, motion controls, immersive reality, and smart devices.

ITI Manufacturing- The Right Partner

As the entertainment, amusement, and theme park industries continue to evolve and invest in new technologies, visitors will continue to look for new and unique experiences.  Many amusement and theme park suppliers are responding to their customer’s request to satisfy their visitor’s technology needs.  At ITI Manufacturing, we understand that whether it’s recent technology, or lowering the cost of more traditional rides, the process of finding reliable offshore manufacturers for trusted and time-tested manufacturing has always been a challenge.

If your company has challenges with outsourced manufacturing, the team at ITI Manufacturing can help.  Have questions about offshore manufacturing?  Interested in how ITI Manufacturing can simplify your business life?  Want to concentrate on your business and quit worrying about manufacturing?  Contact us during the IAAPA Expo by dialing (855) 912-7758, visit our booth #3980 at IAAPA, or contact ITI Manufacturing’s main Houston office at (281) 242-7030.

Manufacturing Overseas can be Simplified and Cost Effective

Simplify it with ITI Manufacturing

Manufacturing Overseas can be Simplified and Cost Effective

Simplify it with ITI Manufacturing

Rebecca Wells,

National Accounts Manager

Rebecca Wells joined the ITI team in 2021 as a National Account Manager. Rebecca has over 25 years of experience with customer relations and retention as a Project Manager, National Account Manager, and Sales Manager in the Packaging and Retail Industries. She is a Michigan native but considers herself a Texan after calling Houston home for over 15 years. Rebecca enjoys staying active with her family playing tennis and running on the weekends.