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If you don’t have a background in manufacturing, you may be especially hesitant to try overseas manufacturing due to the negative stories you’ve heard. The most common complaints involve product designs being copied, deposits disappearing, factory contacts vanishing, late shipments, poor communication, inconsistent quality, and no one to help you when there is a problem. You have also probably heard that there are extremely sophisticated factories in China and that manufacturing knowledge and expertise continue to improve.

Which factory is right for you, and how can you find an acceptable factory? The number of factories in China is staggering. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, there were 1,903,380 factories in China in 2008. There should be a perfect factory out there, right? How can you know which ones specialize in the type of manufacturing you need or which ones are sized appropriately to meet your demand? Or how do you discover which factories are eager to cooperate and build new business? Which ones have just lost many of their experienced workers to another factory or routinely receive a very large seasonal PO from a long-time customer that will cause your production to be delayed 6 weeks? Which factories have a reputation for inconsistent quality or poor management?

All factory and product images look great on a Chinese website, but it’s impossible to learn anything of real value online. This is where ITI Manufacturing comes in.

If you are ready to consider China manufacturing, ITI can help.

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