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ITI is an American-owned company with experienced employees in the U.S and China.

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Overseas manufacturing should be a rewarding and profitable experience. Unfortunately, service, pricing, and quality issues can overwhelm even the most experienced companies:

  • Poor communication
  • Cultural differences as to what is important, or how something should be done
  • Last minute delays to the production schedule
  • Frequent, unexpected, or unsubstantiated price increases
  • Confusing or piecemeal billing
  • Slow response to requests
  • No help when there is a problem
  • Difficulty making changes
  • Raw material and component part substitutions made without your knowledge or approval
  • Products not meeting quality standards, or not matching the original approval samples
  • Products failing 3rd party testing, due to incorrect materials being used in production
  • Products not tested or inspected per your specifications
  • Inconsistent quality

These situations are time consuming and can damage your company’s reputation and customer relationships. ITI is here to help.

Can ITI take the weight off your shoulders?

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