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US China Trade Relations

The USA and China Trade Relationship

     -     Mar 16th, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

A healthy trade partnership promotes a sustainable US/China relationship, also benefiting US and China manufacturing efforts. Learn more at ITI Manufacturing.

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Origins of Chinese manufacturing

The Origins of Chinese Manufacturing

     -     Mar 7th, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

Ever wondered how Chinese manufacturing became the frontrunner for international trade? Learn their origins, and call ITI Manufacturing at 888-574-6823.

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Factory audit

Importance of Chinese Manufacturing Audits

     -     Feb 28th, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

Global and Chinese manufacturing inherently involves risk; but partnering with ITI Manufacturing to help manage those risks through audits can be beneficial.

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Fake vs Original

Fidget Cube and the Problem with China Knockoffs

     -     Feb 21st, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

Real or fake? It’s always unfortunate when great products are knocked off in China manufacturing; but ITI Manufacturing can help prevent it! Call 888-574-6823.

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Plastic products

Quality Plastic Products Made in China

     -     Feb 14th, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

For quality products made in China, ITI Manufacturing has found a way to help US companies save time, money, and keep customers happy. Call 888-574-6823.

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factory manager

China Manufacturing Services Coming to America?

     -     Feb 7th, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

The choice of where to house manufacturing services still resides with each individual company, and ITI Manufacturing can help! Call 888-574-6823 for details.

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US Customs and Border Protection

E-Ruling and Custom Product Importation

     -     Jan 30th, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

Need answers on manufacturing your custom products, and how to best benefit without being taken advantage of? Call ITI Manufacturing at 888-574-6823.

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Satisfied Businessman

Tips for IP & Trademark Protection of Custom Products

     -     Jan 24th, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

ITI Manufacturing offers the best tips for IP & Trademark protection of custom products. To learn more, speak with an expert at 888-574-6823.

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Shenzhen China

The Silicon Valley of Hardware Made in China

     -     Jan 12th, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

If you need your custom product made in China, ITI Manufacturing ensures that it’s made right, in the right zone, and at the right factory. Call 888-574-6823.

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China Manufacturing Workers

3 Motives to Move Custom Manufacturing to China

     -     Jan 6th, 2017   -     Chinese Manufacturing News   -     0 Comments

Now may be a good time to seriously consider moving custom manufacturing to China. Contact the experts at ITI Manufacturing to learn why; call 888-574-6823.

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