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china manufacturing metal products made easy with ITI Manufacturing in Houston TX

Make ITI your manufacturing office in Asia.
Bring the benefits home to America.

ITI Provides Timely Delivery and Guarantees Exceptional Quality.

ITI sources and delivers custom-manufactured components and finished goods of all sizes, shapes and materials. Delivered prices regularly save ITI customers 20-30%.

Talk with ITI about “Making it in China” today. Find out if overseas China manufacturing – complete with satisfaction guarantee – is the smart move for you.


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China Manufacturing Services and Processes

ITI Manufacturing, headquartered in Houston, TX, represents its American customers seeking China manufacturing first and foremost, not China factories in Asia – and takes the risk out of importing.  That means when it comes to production, financing, inspections, insurance, shipping, customs clearance and delivery, we’ve got you covered. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

ITI stays on top of every detail:

  • Sourcing.  ITI’s China sourcing teams, in America and overseas, blend cultures and engineering backgrounds, and have built long-standing relationships with reliable China manufacturers.
  • Negotiation. ITI negotiates in Mandarin and/or Cantonese with factory owners and key personnel to get the best price and delivery terms.
  • Sampling. Production samples are provided to the American customer to test functionality, design characteristics, chemical content and compliance with US safety standards.
  • Production. Once you approve samples, production begins. Often using videos narrated in Mandarin and/or Cantonese (for example), ITI demonstrates to the factory those critical elements that must be monitored closely, especially with China manufacturing.
  • Quality. ITI conducts in-process and final product inspections to ensure that each product/component meets your exact specifications. Detailed inspection criteria are jointly created by the customer and ITI to ensure satisfaction.
  • Shipping. ITI determines the most efficient shipping options, depending on volume. Products are guided through the customs maze, all the way to your warehouse if requested. Most shipments are received within 90 days after final approval of the production sample.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
from Development to Delivery

For first-time U.S. customers, ITI manages start-up challenges like sourcing, tooling and sampling. For experienced companies, ITI creates new efficiencies and reduces costs.

ITI handles all the logistics – finding the right China manufacturing factory, negotiating prices, overseeing the tooling and factory production, quality inspections, production financing, insurance, shipping, customs clearance and delivery. You don’t pay until the goods are in your warehouse, inspected and approved.

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