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Manufacturing in China Made Easy with Time Delivery via Freight | ITI Manufacturing in Houston TX

“For 30-plus years, ITI has set the standard for productive dialogue and reliable manufacturing in China.” – Sandy Levin, Founder

ITI Provides Timely Delivery and Guarantees Exceptional Quality.

ITI sources and delivers custom-manufactured components and finished goods of all sizes, shapes and materials. Delivered prices regularly save ITI customers 20-30%.

Talk with ITI about “Making it in China” today. Find out if overseas manufacturing – complete with satisfaction guarantee – is the smart move for you.

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Manufacturing in China the Smart Way is What ITI is All About.

For the kind of quality and reliability that American companies demand, ITI knows there’s more involved with manufacturing in China than low-cost labor or savings in freight and duties. There’s the responsibility for precise quality control. There’s the security of long-term relationships. And there’s on-time delivery.



ITI founder Sandy Levin pioneered the art of importing high-quality products made in China. He was among the first group of 50 Americans to visit China when President Nixon’s diplomatic initiative began modern US trade there. He’s made hundreds of personal trips to visit ITI’s China manufacturing sites, meeting owners, traders and agents, all while cementing the lasting relationships which Asians value so highly.

Today, American-owned ITI is a full-service custom manufacturing facilitator that delivers the goods for its American customers. ITI has mastered the nuances of manufacturing in China, including sourcing for custom products and breaking down the traditional barriers of language and culture. In the process, ITI has become one of the most trusted China manufacturing experts in the US.

Each ITI project team is experienced in all phases of contract and custom manufacturing, from steel forgings to medical products, wood toys to electronics. Today, each team here and in Asia includes American and Chinese-born representatives with engineering backgrounds, to manage the everyday challenges of doing business in China. Our Chinese staff in Houston and our staff in China speak with the factories in actual Mandarin and/or Cantonese, both during negotiations and during production.

ITI Builds New Business Opportunities.

For its American customers, ITI creates new market opportunities and boosts profits. ITI’s proven China manufacturing relationships ensure sourcing the right factory for your component or finished goods. Ensure your products are made to spec and that your risks are minimized or eliminated altogether with ITI by your side.

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